Meet Us!

The lab is staffed by graduate lab assistants, undergraduate empirical reasoning fellows dedicated to supporting empirical reasoning across the curriculum. We each staff walk-in hours for the lab. Go to our VISIT US page to see each of our skills and staffing horus so you can plan your visit accordingly!


The Staff


Michelle is a junior at Barnard College majoring in Urban Studies and history. She is interested in exploring social issues and may be of help for both quantitative and qualitative research. She hopes to apply data analysis to her social justice work. 

ERL Fellow


Olga is a senior at Barnard double majoring in Psychology and Art History. After graduating from Barnard, Olga plans to apply for psychology Ph.D. programs where she hopes to pursue her interest in research on the psychology of creativity. She is happy to help students with statistical analysis software, such as Excel, basic GIS software, SPSS, and Stata, as well as help students find datasets for their research.

ERL Fellow


Sarah is a sophomore at Barnard College. She plans on majoring in political sciences and mathematics-statistics. Sarah hopes to apply her knowledge in statistics to her interest in politics by examining voting patterns and exploring poling techniques. Her skills include statistics, Stata, SPSS, Excel, and basic GIS software. Sarah enjoys reading Nate Silver's 538 blog, which features stories that apply statistics to trending news topics.

ERL Fellow 


Belinda is a Ph.D. candidate in Sustainable Development at Columbia.  Her research interests include energy valuation and investment and natural resource management and economic development in African countries; her current research focuses on the centrality of space and geography for energy, infrastructure and natural resource use and valuation.  Her spatial and statistical analysis software skills include R, Stata, Excel, MATLAB, and ArcGIS.  At the ERL, she's also available to assist students with any general research methodology questions they may have.

Graduate Lab Assistant


Francis – is a student in the sustainable development PhD program in SIPA at Columbia University. His primary fields of interest are applied microeconomic theory and econometrics. Francis also has complimentary interests in GIS and spatial statistics. His statistical skills encompass Stata, R, Matlab, SAS, qGIS and Excel.

Graduate Lab Assistant


Katherine is a graduate student in the Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences program at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, concentrating in Experimental Methods. Currently she is working as a credit risk analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She is interested in eventually pursing a doctoral degree in public policy. Her software skills include Stata, SAS, Excel, MATLAB, VBA and SQL. She is addicted to Junk Charts.

Graduate Lab Assistant


Heather has happily crossed the street to join the Barnard Library and Academic Information Services (BLAIS) after completing her PhD in Psychology at Columbia University in May 2012. Her research in Psychology focused on the perception and memory of time, or in other words, how we learn about time from our environment and how we remember and use those representations to make decisions and manage our time. She also developed an interest in pedagogical support in higher education especially pertaining to the development of empirical thinking in the STEM and social science fields and nurtured this interest by conducting and coordinating a series of workshops for Columbia University’s GSAS Teaching Center in 2011 & 2012. As an undergraduate student she worked on a project revitalizing a Native American language (Mutsun) with no living speakers using primary source materials and completed her degree in Linguistics minoring in Mathematics. 

Associate Director of Learning Initiatives and Data Services