Empirical Reasoning Lab Calendar

The Empirical Reasoning Lab has walk-in hours for questions about quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Walk-in hours are held in 200 Lehman at the south end of the floor (or to the right when you enter from the stairs/elevator). There is a nook with computers as well as an office with staff (per the calendar).  

If you can't attend the scheduled times, please send us an email to set up an appointment.

We can help you find datasets, develop methods for collecting data, analyze data using SPSS, STATA, or GIS, visualize and present data, and guide you in developing the story of the data for your project/paper. If you are specifically interested in help with GIS, come when the time slot specifies GIS or email us make an appointment.

All of the ERL Fellows and Grad Lab Assistants can answer general questions about empirical research, including question development, finding data sources, modeling data graphically and writing up results.  However, some of us know certain software packages better than others.  Here are the ERL Fellows/Grad Lab Assistant's specialty areas:

Belinda: Excel and Stata; R, MATLAB, ArcGIS
Elana: Excel and Stata; SPSS
Julie: Excel and Stata
Melissa: Excel and Stata; SPSS, SAS
Steven: Excel and Stata
Yingtian: Excel and Stata

Not sure if we can help? Ask us!